Event calculus answer set programming

Erik T. Mueller
August 9, 2014

Event calculus reasoning can be performed using answer set programming tools developed at the University of Potsdam (Gebser, Kaminski, Kaufmann, & Schaub, 2013), based on a reformulation of the event calculus in answer set programming (Lee & Palla, 2012; Kim, Lee, & Palla, 2009) and the DEC axioms (Mueller, 2004, 2015) for the event calculus (Miller & Shanahan, 2002; Shanahan, 1997; Kowalski & Sergot, 1986).


(These instructions have been tested on clingo version 4.2.1.)
  1. Download clingo.
  2. (Optional:) Download and compile format-output. (This converts the output of clingo into the more readable Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner format.)
  3. Download the discrete event calculus (DEC) axioms:
  4. Download one or more domain descriptions:
  5. Run a domain description:

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